Deputy Fire Chief Also A Born Bingo Caller

By Ben Hamill - July 26 2019

Deputy Fire Chief Also A Born Bingo Caller

Carlisle Fire & Rescue Services Deputy Fire Chief Adam Roth is a natural born Bingo caller. Roth recently did his thing at the Carlisle Fire & Rescue carnival and attendees were left looking on (and listening!) in awe as the deputy rambled and called and entertained as if Bingo was his only sole interest.

But regulars know that Roth isn’t the regular caller throughout the year. The deputy chief assumes the role of caller during carnival time so that those who faithfully embody the role throughout the rest of the year are able to take some time off from calling the numbers.

Everyone involved in the day-to-day operations of the rescue service considers Bingo nights vital, and the income generated by Bingo throughout the year is used to supplement and defray many of the department’s operating costs and expenses.

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Filling The Gaps

It’s for this very reason that Roth is committed to keeping his players entertained. According to the deputy chief, Bingo no longer supports the typical stereotypes of yester-year. People from all walks of life regularly join in on Wednesday Bingo night fun at the department. It’s a diverse group, says Roth, the coming together of people who work more than one job, people who work shifts, those who work for a set monthly income; all individuals keen to contribute something back to the community.

The funds raised are put to good use, says Roth. Training, emergency response, expensive equipment; it all costs money. Without sufficient funds the department isn’t able to perform the service that it does to the extent that those services are rendered, and it’s to a big extent thanks to the local Bingo community. According to Roth, the department last year alone responded to more than 800 emergency calls; a rescue and support service it lovingly renders but would not have been able to do without the necessary financial support.

Words of Safety Wisdom

When asked what members of the community could do to make the lives of those involved in emergency rescue services just a little bit easier; in addition to keeping on attending Bingo nights of course; Roth offered simple and straightforward advice.

Be sure to regularly maintain heating systems and smoke detectors, admonished the rescue-man, practice due care when lighting any open fire, especially when cooking outside, and look both ways when crossing the street, whether driving or crossing a public road on foot.

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