Drag Queen Bingo Keeping Campus Connected

By Ben Hamill - February 10 2021

Drag Queen Bingo Keeping Campus Connected

With social gatherings basically off-limits for going on a year now, virtual events have had to substitute in a variety of forms so as to keep people socially connected. And Bingo has, and continues to, play its part in a significant way.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has been doing its bit to keep engaging with the community on campus, and one such effort involves Drag Queen Bingo, which is hosted by the Chancellor’s Commission on the Status of Gender and Sexual Identity. Held for the first time right at the beginning of the crisis early last year, it’s about to make a glorious comeback on February 11.

Scheduled for 7:30 on Zoom, the virtual Bingo event will be hosted by popular Lincoln drag queen, Mrs. Yuka Layme.

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Supporting The LGBTQA+ Community

In charge of the exciting event is a commission made up of members of faculty, staff, and students who are responsible for advising chancellor Ronnie Green as he works towards the enrichment and overall enhancement of the status of those people on campus who identify as members of the LGBTQA+ Community.

This particular goal is achieved by the hosting of events such as Drag Queen Bingo, along with the annual bestowing of the Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contributions made to the LGBTQA+ Community. A great deal of effort is being put into addressing the concerns of the community’s members on campus, with events such as Drag Queen Bingo considered central in terms of creating opportunities for social connection outside of the campus setup.

Bingo Helps People Connect

Commission staff member Michael Bergland-Riese says he believes events such as Drag Queen Bingo are of crucial importance because of exactly this opportunity to connect socially outside of the confines of campus activities and the workplace. Riese said moving away from the dynamic of interacting with one another on a work basis is a golden opportunity for staff and members of faculty to connect with one another on a much more personal and social level.

This year’s virtual Bingo event will offer to participants the chance to win cash prizes while being entertained by Layme singing a variety of songs in between rounds. Layme last year hosted the very first Drag Queen Bingo event, and was this year asked back because it had been such a roaring success.

Last year, Layme did several virtual Bingo events for corporations from all over the country and says the events have proved very effective at helping people connect socially.  

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