Online Drag Bingo Fundraising Event A Success

By Ben Hamill - April 14 2021

Online Drag Bingo Fundraising Event A Success

Bingo has yet again stepped up to the plate for an organisation in need of funding. After the Queer Student Union of the University of Virginia last year had no other option but to cancel one of their leading fundraising events of the year as classes all moved online, they this year decided to host their annual Bingo support-event 100% virtually.

Drag Bingo is a Queer Student Union cornerstone project at the university, said QSU Vice President of Community Engagement, Matt Lunsford, of the April 9 event. It has been an exciting part of the annual calendar, said Lunsford, who is currently completing his second year in Engineering studies at the university. Lunsford said that following last year’s interruption, this year’s event was a particularly welcome return.

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About Queer Student Union

The QSU has been existence for over 44 years. It serves an important purpose within the context of student-life at the university, offering community support to students who are gay, bisexual, transgender, genderqueer, and lesbian. Members have in more recent years also started to participate in LGBTQ+ activism drives so as to provide education on genderqueer issues.

Friday night’s big virtual event starred two professional drag queens – Sweet Pickles and Chicki Parm. The drag queens were in charge of the Bingo portion of the evening, and were calling out numbers and joking around with their online audience in between showing video clips of their drag-performances.

Despite this year’s Drag Bingo event’s virtual nature, it had been an amazing experience for many, including fourth-year student Ja’Mel Reed. Everyone who had had the joy of participating in the special event shared a sense of gratitude to the Queer Student Union for making the effort of taking the fun and support online, said Reed. 

The Show Must Go On

Friday night saw more than 20 people taking part in the digital Bingo event.

Up for grabs had been several gift cards to restaurants like Pie Chest and Grit Coffee, as well as various VISA gift cards. Those who participated were also given the opportunity to compete in a special dance contest for a prize.

The funds raised during this year’s event will allow QSU to continue to host its annual events in coming years, said Mae Hovland, Queer Student Union VP of Education. Hovland is currently completing a third year in Architectural studies.  Exciting was the freedom to continue to host the event, said Hovland, even if that meant having to do it all virtually.

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