Delta Bingo To Resume Games In Sudbury

By Ben Hamill - July 26 2020

Delta Bingo To Resume Games In Sudbury

July 27th will at long last see Bingo return to Greater Sudbury, a Delta Bingo spokesperson has confirmed. Delta’s Sudbury and Val Caron venues will be among the first to resume in-person games in the Greater Sudbury region and surrounds.

And even though each session will be limited to a certain number of players only, Bingo returning to Sudbury is a lot like a shred of normalcy, says Delta Bingo senior marketing and communications officer Rebecca Russell.

Getting back to something familiar, even though not to the extent players are used to, feels exceptionally good, said Russell.

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Only TapTix, Slots, Up Until Now

Delta opened the physical venues situated at 940 Newgate Avenue, Sudbury, and 2914 Highway 69 North, Val Caron, late last week. This was around the time the region officially proceeded into State 3 of government’s reopening plan. But the only games open to guests at the time were TapTix and on-site gaming machines.

Now that Delta’s management and staff have figured out a way to incorporate Bingo sessions and do so in a safe and health-conscious way, patrons will starting Monday have more options at their disposal. And since people are extremely eager and anxious even to resume some sense of a “normal” social life, Russell says she expects that everything will go well once Bingo sessions at Delta are back in swing.

Sudbury Leads The Way

Of all Delta’s 18 locations spread out across Ontario, only those sites located in Greater Sudbury are being permitted to offer in-person games. This, explains Russell, is due to the unique way in which the sites located in Sudbury and Val Caron are structured.

The 50-person capacity will apply to all in-person gaming venues across the board – and irrespectively so of the actual physical size of each venue. This means that the occupancy restriction will take into account Bingo players as well as TapTix users present on site at any given time. Gaming machine occupancy rates will as a result have a direct effect on the number of guests permitted to join a game.

But despite the obvious challenges, said Russell, any uptick in business activities and income will be most appreciated. And this applies not only to Delta and its staff, but even more so to the 150 local charities supported by Delta Bingo.

Charities all over the country have been taking tremendous financial knocks resulting from in-person venue closures since around mid-March.

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