Debunking Five of Bingo’s Biggest Myths

By Ben Hamill - October 17 2018

bingo myths

It’s a steadfast rule: if something out there is popular, there are bound to be myths surrounding it. This is, of course, true for bingo as well. From some people believing that they can ‘beat the system’ and get their hands on the jackpot to others swearing that the whole game is rigged, you’ll always hear a handful of myths flying around at your local hall.

With that said, thankfully, most of these myths are simply that! Read on to clear up the rumors and separate them from the truth once and for all.

Myth #1: Bingo is Rigged

While physical games have had the odd fixing scandal in the past, this will never reach as far as online games as long as you play at reputable Canadian online casinos. Random Number Generators (RNG) is always at work, using algorithms to randomize all outcomes and ensure that they cannot be predicted or tampered with in any way. Online casinos also hire independent third party testers like eCOGRA to double-check these systems, ensuring 24/7 fairness and absolutely no rigging.

Myth #2: It’s Only For the Elderly

When many think of this game, they picture a slow round being played at an old age home, or perhaps an out dated-looking hall nearby to one. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The advent of online and mobile options has slashed the median ages of players to just 35, and even physical halls are attracting younger audiences with hip new calls and more modern features.

Young ladies playing bingo

Myth #3: Nobody Ever Wins Anything

Another huge myth! While bingo has countless benefits, including stress relief, improved reflexes and an improvement in cognitive ability, most of its players are in it to win it. This certainly isn’t a mindless game that you stare at on your screen until you find a better entertainment option. It requires concentration, effort and dedication to graduate from newbie status to seasoned veteran, and players of any level are just as likely to land a real, juicy cash jackpot out of the deal as well.

Myth #4: Playing Online is Unsafe

This is a reasonable thing to be concerned about, especially considering the rising rates of cyber-crime, online scams and money launderers on the web. However, online casinos that are licensed and certified all offer as many security mechanisms as possible to ensure that you do not fall prey to foul practices. SSL encryption, login protocols, and the latest software platforms ensure that the only person who ever has access to your personal and financial details is you.

Myth #5: You Can Beat the System

As prolific as this rumor is, it is sadly false. There is no way to predict outcomes in bingo to the point where you can win consistently, every single time – especially not a legal one! Bingo, like most other casino games, is based on pure luck, and it’s essential to remember to enjoy it regardless of whether you win or lose.

Bingo is the best online! And that’s a fact. Play NOW.