Dating Site Makes Breakups Fun with Bingo

By Ben Hamill - August 23 2018

Dating Site Makes Breakups Fun with Bingo

Bingo is a game that has always been known for having a strong social aspect, having brought together thousands of new friends and like-minded enthusiasts over the years. However, a brand new iteration has incorporated an unexpected emotional stance as well, allowing you to bring old, unwanted mementos of your ex-partners (everything from teddy bears to cheesy mix tapes) to offer as prizes.

Dating site giant OKCupid is always at hand to help its users make new friends – or perhaps something more. Most recently, the company is helping its users to discard old keepsakes of their past lovers by allowing them to add them to a massive prize pool at the All My Exes Bingo Night. The game will be hosted at the Chicago Athletic Association’s game room  (12 S. Michigan Ave., 844-312-2221), and will undoubtedly be a cathartic experience for many of its attendees.

Prizes, Discount Drinks & More

The unique event will be hosted from 6pm to 8pm on three separate Mondays, with the first already past on August 20th, and the next 2 scheduled for September 10, and September 24 this year. Producer and comedian Ashley Tribble serves as the host, helping to add a more jovial and lighthearted atmosphere to the mix.

Just to be sure, aside from the mementos brought by players, there will also be actual prizes on offer (like Game Room gift cards, cash prizes, and OKC Swag). Drinks specials will also be par for the course, and as an added bonus, you can even show your OKCupid profile to a bartender to claim your free drink.

Dating site giant OKCupid is always at hand to help its users make new friends

Winners All Round

No matter whether you win or lose, there will still be plenty to win on All My Exes Bingo Night. The game comes as a great chance to re-home some emotionally-loaded possessions, which may just become somebody else’s treasures (at least according to OKC’s press release on the matter).

It is also a fine opportunity to make some new friends, gain some emotional support, and enjoy an evening of fun courtesy of the world’s most popular dating app provider.

Furthermore, for those who are ready to move on, OKCupid has surveyed Chicagoan residents to track down the city’s best romantic spots to enjoy drinks, dinner, and so much more. All My Exes Bingo could even be a golden opportunity to meet other new singles, while also freeing yourself from the burden of unwanted gifts and memories from past lovers.