Charity Bingo Reports Major Revenue Loss

By Ben Hamill - June 18 2020

Charity Bingo Reports Major Revenue Loss

Nationwide shutdown orders in the US (and certainly the world over) are reported to have taken a huge toll on especially charities. And since Bingo halls in Amarillo, Texas, have been closed since mid-March and are now only permitted to function at 50% capacity, local Amarillo charities are once again left drawing the shortest straw.

According to Tamara Tucker, who manages Lawndale Bingo in the Texas town, the venue lost out on at least $60,000 in income over the course of the three months between March and the beginning of June. Tucker is also the executive director for local charity the Family Care Foundation and is therefore able to speak with authority on the severity of the impact that the global crisis has had on those charities relying on Bingo as a means of raising funds.

Lawndale Bingo, specifically, acts as a fundraising institution for five non-profit organisations in Amarillo.

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Bingo Takes Care Of The Bills

Family Care Foundation is according to Tucker absolutely dependent on the fundraising initiatives run by Lawndale Bingo, and to the extent of the foundation relying on the Bingo venue for roughly 50% of its monthly community medical care budget.

Tucker highlighted just some of what the foundation has been able to do with the help of the financial aid received every month from Lawndale Bingo. Examples named by Tucker include a young lady who, having had been furloughed by her employer, could no longer afford the health insurance necessary to cover her monthly seizure medication. The cost of her medication, which amounted to $1,008, was eventually settled by the foundation. Another example named involves a man recently diagnosed with diabetes. Since he had not had the liberty of sufficient time to make it onto his wife’s health insurance, he could not afford the monthly insulin needed for him to remain in good health. The foundation ultimately settled the bill for 3 months’ worth of insulin.

Since games and activities at the Lawndale Charity Bingo venue only recently received the go-ahead to reopen, albeit at limited capacity, the foundation has had to rely more heavily on grants than what had been the case in the past.

New Protective Measures

Now that the venue is able to once again welcome Bingo enthusiasts through its doors, some changes have had to be implemented so as to ensure the good health and safety of visitors as well members of staff. All chairs and tables have according to Tucker been bleached, and the floors stripped as well as waxed. Sneeze guards have been installed at all cashier-points, and line with local regulations, all workers will for the foreseeable future be wearing masks round-the-clock. Hand sanitizers have also been made freely available to all visitors and players.

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