Arguments In Favour Of Online Charity Bingo

By Ben Hamill - March 27 2019

Arguments In Favour Of Online Charity Bingo

Most of us like to feel that we’re making a difference in the lives of others, whether it’s helping family or friends or even complete strangers. Human nature is to assist, and the trick is mostly simply to find one’s niche; that one place or cause where help is needed and the resources are available with which to provide the required assistance.

For many people, attending Bingo fundraiser events is the perfect means to make a difference. What better way to do good than to buy a couple of tickets to a charitable game? A fun night in the company of people who support the same cause can hardly be beat, and Bingo is the perfect social companion with which to pass the time.

But what if charitable events were to become a thing on the Internet? Online Bingo already enjoys unprecedented levels of popularity. Would it not then make perfect sense to combine the two?

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General Recommendations

In order to qualify as charity Bingo, a number of conditions must first be adhered to so that players are able to rest assured that the funds are actually ending up where it’s supposed to. Some of the more notable pre-requisites would include:

– All events should be for the benefit of a charity or charities. The operator site will not be permitted to make a profit;

– Participants must at all times be kept informed as to the particular cause that they are supporting;

– No political interference must be tolerated;

– No more than 20% of the proceeds is permitted to be allocated towards operational costs. This means that ideally, 40% of the proceeds must be contributed towards a prize or prize money, the remaining 40% must be donated to the charity in question; and

– The beneficiary of the funds must always constitute an honourable and trustworthy cause.

It’s Fun And It Does Good

Even though online Charity Bingo may not be played in person at a physical location, there are many social elements to enjoy yet. Thanks to advances in technology, most online Bingo sites now offer multiple ways to interact with other players.

It’s a concept that just makes so much sense. Never has it been this much fun to support the charity of one’s choice whilst enjoying a sociable evening without having to leave the comfort of one’s own home.

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