Charities Elated About Bingo Re-Openings

By Ben Hamill - July 13 2020

Charities Elated About Bingo Re-Openings

Saskatchewan casinos and Bingo halls were after months of closures at long last permitted to reopen last week. And local charities could not be happier about the prospect of once again having a desperately needed source of income.

Bingo is for many local charities a leading source of revenue, said Patsy Warren, president and chief operations officer of Saskatchewan-based Amalgamated Charities Inc. Warren said her organisation is thrilled about Bingo now being able to get back to a place of doing business, as this means that charities too, can once again start receiving revenue.

The CNIB, Gymnastics Adventure, Hockey Regina, and the Elizabeth Fry Society are just some of the charities supported by Amalgamated Charities Inc. There are a total of 104 charities on Amalgamated’s list.

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Staff Are Happy About Being Back

Regional Bingo halls now set to reopen number three in total in Regina, one in Saskatoon, and another one in Moose Jaw. And since the majority of Warren’s staff have been off and at home since the closures began in March, she says they’re reporting feeling wonderful about being back and excited about seeing their customers.

Visitors can according to Warren expect much of the same upon their return when compared to what the experience was lake pre-shutdown in March. Only a few small changes in the way things are done will have to be implemented so as to ensure everyone’s safety, and these, said Warren, will require some patience.

Whenever not possible to keep a sufficient physical distance, Bingo hall employees and volunteer-workers associated with charities will wear protective facemasks. Screening of temperatures with the help of non-contact thermometers will be conducted at all entrances, and squirts of sanitizer will be dished out to everyone entering the premises. And in order to stick to physical distancing guidelines in an effective manner, intermittently spaced tables and chairs will be marked as “not in use”.

A Return To Normal

The overall experience will however remain the same and will very much be how it used to be before closures were instituted earlier this year, said Warren. Everything people remember loving and enjoying about Bingo, will be right there waiting for them at local Saskatchewan Bingo halls. The only difference is that it may take just a little while longer getting through the entrance.

More good news is that since visitor numbers will be limited and local halls not filled to capacity, participants will enjoy increased chances of getting to call “Bingo!” out loud, said Warren.

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