Cashman Bingo Slot Hits Canadian Shores

By Ben Hamill - June 04 2021

Cashman Bingo Slot Hits Canadian Shores

Aristocrat’s Cashman Bingo slot is officially the highest-grossing game ever to be released on the games and manufacturing giant’s Cashman Casino app. In fact, eight months after its initial launch, it’s still a top-five performer across the digital gaming landscape. The smashing title was recently launched in North America after it made waves in Europe.

Cashman Bingo slot is considered part of a new breed of casino games. And its popularity certainly shows. Following its initial teaser preview at ICE 2020, it finally got released in Europe late last year. Also in North America, the game has fully lived up to the hype created around it by European gamers. It consists of two different variations – Hong Kong Jackpots and Babylon Jackpots. Both have topped Eilers and Krejcik’s New Core Game Performance charts for two consecutive months across April and May.

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Taking On Europe

First to role out Cashman Bingo slot in Europe had been Casino Schaanwald, which is located only 200 metres from the Austrian border in Liechtenstein. Being on the border of four different countries, the casino serves a diverse and multi-cultural customer base – with customers from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and beyond, explained Casino Schaanwald Director, Thomas Pirron.

Offering the latest and best quality games to customers is a priority for the casino, said Pirron, which made hosting the European launch of Cashman Bingo slot an absolute delight because of how well it had been received by customers from all over.

The slot’s features have undoubtedly been adding to the game’s massive popularity. The game is essentially a combination of performance and innovation, explained Kai Prengal, Regional Sales Manager at Aristocrat. Features include free spins, linkable options, selectable grand jackpots, a persistence mechanic, a Multiplier up to 10x, and a cash-on-reels feature.

Making a Splash In Canada

Operators from all over Europe and the North Americas have literally been queuing to bring Aristocrat’s Cashman Bingo slot games to their casino floors, said Sales Director, Northern Europe, Bill Stefanakis. This, said Stefanakis, leads him to believe the game will become a massive player favourite over coming months and years.

Bingo’s look and feel stand central to how the slot is put together, and even to the player experience. All cash prizes and Jackpot wins are collected on an actual Bingo board, with the word B-I-N-G-O forming each time a prize has been won. This makes for the magic of the experience along with the chance to bag life-changing amounts of cash.

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