Dispensary To Host Medicated Bingo Night

By Ben Hamill - August 09 2019

Dispensary To Host Medicated Bingo Night

Don’t ever claim to have “seen it all” because there’s always more where “that” came from. A medical cannabis dispensary based in Perryville, Carroll County is launching the first ever “medicated” game of Bingo in the history of the popular game, and it’s all going down just another ordinary Thursday evening.

But hats off to the Nature’s Care & Wellness for wanting to add a healthy dose of fun to the dreary task of dispensing medicine. And what with the medical marijuana industry being one that continues to grow at a steady pace in Carroll County, perhaps the only question that should be asked is, “why on heaven’s green earth not?”.

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No-Smoking Allowed

But with that having been said and reference having been made to having fun and all that, the event organisers have said that no actual smoking will be permitted throughout the course of the game. The open flame, it seems, is the only real no-no. Participants are after all permitted to consume cannabis in any other conceivable way, including vaping, consuming edibles, consuming THC or CBD, etc. But no smoking, please.

The event is open to everyone, as long as they’re in possession of a medical marijuana card. Also, players are to bring along their own personal supply of medical marijuana and are not permitted to share their dope with anyone else present at the games night.

Smashing The Stigma

But the idea behind the event is about much more than having fun in the face of illness. The dispensary has said that the hope is that by hosting the special Bingo event, the stigma so often associated with users of medical marijuana will be one step closer towards being dissipated.

Users of medical marijuana are ordinary people and no different to anyone else, says Sadie Roth, spokesperson for Nature’s Care & Wellness. Roth said that users are normal people, and not just your typical run-of-the-mill stoners, which is often what people tend to think.

What with Perryville being very much a typical small community with not much going on in the range of fun, the center, according to Roth, considered a medicated Bingo night to be just what the doctor would have prescribed. And what better way to spend a Thursday night out than a lovely game of Bingo?

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