Buzz Bingo Rolls Out Playtech Tournaments

By Ben Hamill - August 25 2020

Buzz Bingo Rolls Out Playtech Tournaments

An all-new collaboration between casino games giant Playtech and Bingo operator Buzz Bingo will now open up an entire new world to the latter’s players, being that of slots tournaments to be played at Buzz Bingo while using Playtech’s proprietary Leaderboards system.

Initially available to Playtech operators and their player audiences only, Buzz Bingo players too, will now discover for themselves what all the hype around slots tournaments are all about. And so in essence, the agreement between the two parties will enable Buzz players to compete for some pretty amazing prizes.

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Trial Successfully Passed

It all started with a trial period during which Buzz Bingo rolled out Playtech’s Leaderboard online slots tournaments to its Diamond Players (VIP players). This continued for a period of 2 weeks, but with the period of exclusivity now officially lapsed, all Buzz Bingo players not get to participate in the fun.

Each player to win a tournament automatically gets their name added to a Leaderboard. Then, whenever subsequent wins are registered on the applicable online slot game, special points are earned. And these points are what allow players to climb positions on the leaderboard.

The great thing about the points earned, is that points are earned solely based on the size of the win in proportion to the bet that has been wagered – no matter how big or how minimal. Since there are no minimum wagering requirements, all players have an equal chance to ascend up the Leaderboard, regardless of the size of their bankroll.

An extra advantage is that players aren’t at any stage tempted to stray outside of their means and own personal limits and budgets.

Better And Safer Gaming

What’s more, Playtech also allows those licensed partners making use of Leaderboards and slots tournaments to each set their own desired maximum limits. This allows licensees to not only increase and maintain player engagement, but to also promote safer gambling whilst in the process.

Following an exclusive period during which slots tournaments were offered to selected players only, Buzz Bingo’s David Swaine, who is their head of digital operations, said it’s a delight to now be in a position to roll the product out to all players across the Buzz Bingo board.

Tournaments will be available every Wednesday, said Swaine, and will run between the hours of midday and midnight. Players can access slots tournaments by passing through a dedicated portal present on Buzz Bingo’s homepage.

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