Man Steals Thousands Of Dollars From Bingo Hall

By Ben Hamill - July 14 2021

Man Steals Thousands Of Dollars From Bingo Hall

In Pensacola, Florida, deputies are searching high and low for a man who reportedly ransacked a Bingo hall. It is also believed that the assailant burglarised the hall and was able to make off with thousands of dollars in a massive blow to the establishment, which along with hundreds like it all over the world, is trying its best to recover from a year of uncertainly brought about by the global health crisis.

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Bingo Hall Suffers Massive Losses

The Bingo hall, aptly named Beachside Bingo, has suffered massive losses for a business of its size in the wake of the burglary. While the suspect stole cash amounting to just under $2,000, the man also caused over $3,000 worth of damages. To add insult to injury, Beachside Bingo also suffered further potential losses after needing to close for a total of four days following the suspect’s antics on its property.

Understandably, the staff of the Bingo hall are upset by the seemingly senseless burglary. They have requested members of the public to please reach out to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office if they have any information pertaining to who could have committed this crime.

Beachside Bingo has also offered an award of $500 to anyone who could provide any information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator.

Surveillance Footage Captures Burglar In Action

One of the volunteers at the Bingo hall told reporters that Beachside Bingo is in possession of surveillance footage that captures the man burglarising the establishment. According to the volunteer, the video runs for an hour and a half. In it, a man is a camouflage jacket is seen breaking into the building. He then moves around the building’s office, searching through everything he can get his hands on.  

The volunteer also said that the man was able to break in from the back door. Once in, he unplugged one set of the business’s security cameras. However, there were additional hidden cameras that the suspect was not aware of. As a result, the entire break-in has been filmed and authorities have been able to view it.

The surveillance footage shows the burglar taking money from the Bingo hall, breaking down an ATM machine and stealing a gun. The volunteer went on to say that the man has not only stolen possessions, but also her peace of mind within the workplace.

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