How To Enjoy Bingo on a Budget

By Ben Hamill - December 26 2019

A big part of responsible gaming is setting a budget, and then sticking to it. Bingo can be enjoyed on small, medium or large budgets; you just need to adjust your playing habits accordingly. Find practical advice for all bankroll sizes below, and implement the tips to enjoy yourself while keeping your account balance in the black.

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Playing on Small Budgets

When you have less funds at your disposal, it’s important to take advantage of free games wherever you can. This allows you to play and have fun for longer. Often, the free games even award small prizes making them profitable as well as entertaining. Be sure to check the promotions tab whenever you visit a Bingo site, to see what’s available.

You should also opt for low-value games, with prices that allow you to purchase several tickets and increase your winning chances, and Bingo rounds that involve chat games. These chat games, such as guessing objects or places from clues that are given, will award the first person to get the answer correct with additional Bingo funds.

Playing on Medium Budgets

If you have a medium-sizes bankroll all the smaller budget advice still applies, but now you can add a few other tips to your strategy. Look for fixed games that pay out set minimum prizes, and try to play at quieter times of day. With fewer competitors, you are more likely to win.

If the option is available, you can also choose to pre-purchase your Bingo cards when you’re working with a medium budget. That way, you can schedule gaming – and hopefully winning – for times when you are not even online. If you set this up for while you’re at work, and you win, you’ll be making money from two revenue streams at the same time.

Playing on Larger Budgets

Players lucky enough to have larger budgets should still follow the advice for smaller budgets, but they can also afford to spend more and take part in progressive jackpot games that could land them life-changing sums of money.

The last piece of advice for everyone, no matter how much money they have to spend, is to activate the AutoDaub feature to play faster. This is not as enjoyable as daubing the tickets yourself, but it can be a lot more lucrative. When you have your eye on a particular prize, the AutoDaub function can be instrumental in winning it.

Play Bingo to suit your budget and WIN. Enjoy online gaming at its BEST!