Bongo’s Bingo Takes The Party Action Outside

By Ben Hamill - September 25 2020

Bongo’s Bingo Takes The Party Action Outside

It’s doubtful whether even Bongo’s Bingo founder Jonny Bongo himself could have foreseen just how popular an outdoor and physically distanced edition of the company’s famous Bingo parties was going to be. But popular probably didn’t even describe the vibe coursing through the Newcastle air as dozens of Bingo-crazy people danced to the beat of a festive outdoorsy Bingo Bank Holiday get-together earlier on this year in August.

And so popular did this all-new outdoors way of going about it turn out to be, that several more Bongo’s Bingo shows were promptly scheduled for September also.

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The Big Move Outside

Instead of its typical Newcastle Boiler Shop home, for the purpose of keeping with the rules of physical distancing and health and safety, Bongo’s Bingo travelled just a little bit further up the road to Gosforth’s Virgin Money Unity Arena. Known to have successfully pulled off socially distanced shows for the likes of Ronan Keating, The Libertines, Becky Hill, and Sam Fender, Bongo’s hope was that the venue could do the same for a Bingo party. And needless to say, it very much did.

It has been a tough start-of-year for Bongo’s Bingo, with all of its global events suddenly put indefinitely on hold without fair warning. The cancellation of Newcastle’s Christmas-in-July Bongo’s Bingo event proved a significant disappointment for everyone used to every year dancing on tables and benches to The Pogues’ Fairytale of New York whilst trying to get cut outs of Jeremy Corbyn to get into the groove. Not to mention even St. Patrick’s Day specials scheduled for a week when all pubs and waterholes across the U.K. would ultimately be ordered to temporarily close up shop.

Bingo Is Back, Baby!

But since you can’t keep a good game – and certainly a good brand – down, Bongo’s Bingo soon figured out a way to bring the Bingo and the rave and the random cash prizes back to Newcastle before too much time had managed to pass – and by the looks of it, will continue to do so well into the future or as long as the rules of physical distancing allow.

September 4 saw the Bingo-loving crowd once again make its way to a fun-promising Bongo’s Bingo party – this time round, within the grounds of the Newcastle Racecourse in Gosforth Park. And according to the Bongo’s Bingo team, weather and regulations permitting, plans now continue for bringing some of the world’s biggest Bongo’s Bingo events to old guests as well as new.

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