Bob Eubanks To Host New LetsBingo On Mobile

By Ben Hamill - June 10 2020

Bob Eubanks To Host New LetsBingo On Mobile

Popular television game show host Bob Eubanks has been named as the man about to give away daily cash prizes as the presenter and host of LetsBingo, an exciting new free-to-play live Bingo game developed specifically for the mobile gaming market. Games are hosted daily – at 3pm and again at 7pm. All mobile device users are free to join in the fun, and LetsBingo is compatible with iOS as well as Android mobile operating systems.

The free-to-play nature of LetsBingo is, next to the popular The Newlywed Game-host, the biggest drawcard of the game. The no-entry-free status of the game is made possible by the involvement of several big-name sponsors.

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Simply Download And Play

The idea behind LetsBingo was to enable fans to continue playing and enjoying their favourite game, even despite temporary parlour closures. And according to creator Rudy Rupak, the game is the result of 2 entire years of development aimed at making the app as simple and user-friendly as possible.

The entire process, said Rupak, is as simple as downloading the app and instantly starting to play for exciting daily cash wins. And winning is as simple as being the first lucky participant to clink on Bingo. LetsBingo is a game of chance and works in the exact same manner as would a typical game of Bingo. Players race toward a completed winning pattern, and the accompanying daily cash prize.

The first of the two daily time slots will be hosted by the legendary Bob Eubanks, while the second daily game will be hosted by the equally entertaining Brian “Bingo Bubba” Switzer. Bingo Bubba will be hosting his portion of the game from his home studio near Austin, Tx. Eubanks’ time slot is produced by Scott Jucean, who operates from a studio in Hollywood.

LetsBingo Rupak’s First

Creator Rudy Rupak co-owns Instamuse, which is a California-based social media games development company. Rupak founded the company in partnership with David Daily and LetsBingo is the dynamic duo’s very first game. A live-stream Poker and a live-stream Bridge game are coming soon too. The duo has not yet revealed any specific launch dates for the upcoming Poker and Bridge titles.

As for Eubanks, the television gameshow host says he’s in love with the concept of hosting a game show via a mobile device. Eubanks says he considers himself a true industry pioneer, even today, and simply loves being able to dish out free money and interact with his audience on a daily basis.

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