Lucky Player Lands $100,000 Bingo Win

By Ben Hamill - February 28 2020

Lucky Player Lands $100,000 Bingo Win

Just about anything beats leaving the casino empty-handed after an evening of sheer gaming entertainment. And whilst its perfectly alright to go home with fun memories only, it’s a whole lot more exciting to leave with a money windfall in tow. Just ask Heather Yohn, a Bingo spins player with who recently had lady luck on her side in a tremendous and even unusual way when she managed to win Bingo with fewer than 48 numbers played.

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Her reward was the opportunity to spin the million-dollar wheel at Milwaukee’s Potawatomi Hotel & Casino and it was this spin that proved a real money-maker for the lucky Bingo spins fan. The excitement became nearly unbearable on the night in question as the million-dollar wheel clicked its way through the numbers for an entire minute.

Player Stunned By Big Win

What happened next, Yohn said after the time she would never in a thousand years have thought possible, not to mention something like “that” even happening to her during her lifetime. Not only did the Racine resident achieve a nearly impossible Bingo feat of a sub-48 Bingo performance, but thanks to her having qualified for a spin of the big wheel, the player is now a super $100,000 the richer for it.

And the fact that the money won by Yohn in reality is the least amount of money that a participant is able to win when spinning the wheel hasn’t at all disappointed her. In fact, Yohn very nearly won not $100,000, but $1 million had the wheel stopped only but a smidgen of second before it did. As for Yohn’s feelings of having nearly left the casino a millionaire, instead of with a million-bucks windfall, the player very obviously has her feet firmly planted in reality and gratitude, saying that she could not be happier with the money that she had won spinning the wheel.   

Sharing Is Caring

But now that Yohn has quite a bit of money tucked into her back pocket, she won’t be going around spending it all on cars and fancy trips. Instead, Yohn plans on splitting her winnings with her family. It’s no surprise then that karma in its infinite wisdom decided to visit life-changing luck on the good-natured woman.

Yohn works as a professional nurse in Racine, and the cash will also help her recover financially from having had to spend a considerable time away from work following an injury sustained to her ankle. She hopes to soon move away from living in the red and instead, make her way back into the green. And she’s got Bingo to thank for it!

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