Mum Wins Big At Online Bingo and Buys 1st House

By Ben Hamill - February 07 2020

Mum Wins Big At Online Bingo and Buys 1st House

There’s nothing quite like finally being able to buy one’s dream home. And this dream recently came true for mum-of-two and Porthcawl United Kingdom resident Samantha McKay and husband Damien, who incidentally had been saving up to buy their own home for the past 11 years. But buying a home would prove to be difficult sailing for the self-employed hairdresser as despite the pair having saved to buy a house for such a long time, their savings would ultimately prove “not enough” when the bank continued to refuse granting the couple a mortgage needed to foot the bill for the balance.

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Thankfully, the Bingo-loving mom had security of a different kind to fall back on because only a week after the couple’s application for a mortgage was refused by their local bank, Samantha McKay was able to buy her 3-bedroom dream home without any help from the bank and with no future mortgage payments looming in the distance. McKay was eventually able to buy a home for her family after she won $250,000 playing online Bingo. The size of her bet? A cool £1, or roughly CA$1.72.

Paying In Cash

When Samantha initially broke the news to husband Damien, she recalls suspecting him of having immediately jumped to the conclusion that she (Samantha) had blown all of their savings playing online Bingo. The couple had been saving for their dream home for over a decade, at times even competing to see who could save the most money each month.

But instead of having blown it all, Samantha was able to share with her husband the fantastic news that they were now not only able to buy the house that they had been dreaming about for so long but would be paying with cold hard cash.

A House & Then Some

Aside from finally being able to afford buying a dream home for her family, Samantha was also able to buy a holiday caravan for her mum as well as the most luxurious bedding the couple has ever managed to afford. And even after all of that, the couple had enough money left over to buy brand new furniture for their new home.

As for what Samantha plans on doing now that she’s officially the proud owner of her own home, the 32-year-old mum and wife will simply continue to run her local barber shop exactly like before. The only difference will be that now, she’ll be a proud home-owning hairdresser. 

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