Bingo Toonz On Zoom A Huge Hit

By Ben Hamill - June 04 2020

Bingo Toonz On Zoom A Huge Hit

“Bingo Toonz” is nothing new to the majority of Edmontonian’s – it has, after all, been played in local bars all over the province for the past 12 years. But the game replacing traditional balls with snippets extracted from popular songs has just put on a whole new attire as instead of being played in pubs and bars, Bingo Toonz has made its way online and into the wonderful world of Zoom. And, says owner of Mr. Entertainment Jamie Edgar, even though nobody really knew what they were doing as recently as March, there are now more than 100 people tapping digitally into the game.

It all came about when virtual musical host Scott Parsons suggested that since folks could no longer visit pubs and bars, let alone stick around for a musical game of Bingo, the next best thing would be to do it online with the help of Zoom instead. And according to Edgar, there’s been no stopping the virtual Bingo Toonz train ever since.

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Next Best Thing To Going Out

Brendon Desjardins and wife Stacy Desjardins have been joining in for some Saturday night musical Bingo fun from their Edmonton home and, says Brendon, even though he was skeptical at first, he’s now after 9 weeks of participating, just as enthusiastic about playing along as everybody else. Bingo Toonz isn’t your typical game, says Desjardins, and what’s more, it’s a whole lot similar to a night out on the town.

How it works is that interested players upon signing up to play during the week, will receive a game card (in PDF) and log-in details for Zoom. Each card contains various songs and artists listed under each letter. Parsons then calls out a letter as well as play a clip from a song.

The player will then check whether the song appears on his or her card, and if it does, mark it off much like dabbing out would work in a traditional game of Bingo. Pattern combinations include corners, picture frame, straight lines and, more toward the end of the session’s proceedings, a card fully blacked out.

Its Free To Play

Bingo results are verified by players typing ‘BINGO’ along with their respective card number in the chat screen appearing in the Zoom application, after which Edgar would then proceed to verify the result.

Bingo Toonz is completely free to play. Participants are however encouraged to donate to a local Canadian food bank in return.

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