Bingo Finally Returns To Charlottetown Club

By Ben Hamill - September 19 2020

Bingo Finally Returns To Charlottetown Club

Popular hotspot Parkdale Sherwood Lions is finally ready to host its first Bingo games in more than 6 months. The venue has been closed ever since public health restrictions were first enforced around mid-March.

But end-of-week will finally bring relief to the dozens of Bingo enthusiasts by now no-doubt simply dying to hear the call. But eager face mask-donning daubers have been advised to move it along – because physical distancing guidelines dictate that only 100 participants are to be allowed into the Connolly Street venue at any given time. As such, said a spokesperson for the Charlottetown venue, only the first 100 arrivals will be permitted to enter through the doors of the hall.

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People Feeling Bingo Deprived

Since players have expressed feelings of Bingo-depravation, said Allan Hughes, chair of the Bingo committee for the Parkdale Sherwood Lions Club, management is expecting a crowd of daubers to show up for the grand reopening event. Come Friday night, a lot of enthusiasm can be expected in the Bingo room, said Hughes.

And it’s a “room” volunteers have been working hard at getting ready for some weeks now, explained the chair. In fact, so excited has the response been to government’s re-opening approval announcement, that volunteers had hopped to it straight away.

As for the practical implementation of occupancy limits and physical distancing rules and regulations, Hughes said the venue’s hall has been partitioned into two separate zones – with each zone permitted and equipped to accommodate 50 people. Additional safety measures include each zone having been furnished with its own entrance and exit, as well as each its washroom facility. Players and staff will also not be permitted to move from one section into the other.

The Practical Arrangements

As for each of the two zone’s individual safety guidelines, all tables have been fitted with partitions so as to create a barrier between each player in attendance. Players will furthermore be obligated to wear protective face masks whenever either standing up from a table or intending to visit the washroom allocated to his or her specific Bingo zone. Staff will be wearing their own masks all throughout the evening’s proceedings, said Hughes.

Friday’s and Sunday’s games start at 7 p.m. sharp. Doors, however, will already be open from 5:30 p.m. And on Saturday, doors will be open from 12:30, with games kicking off at 2 p.m., Hughes confirmed. Also, the plan is to eventually open five days a week – this since Bingo is a major fundraiser for the Parkdale Sherwood Lions Club. 

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