Bingo Supports Scholars Via WCCC Event

By Ben Hamill - June 28 2019

Bingo Supports Scholars Via WCCC Event

A Bingo night out is just about the best fun that anyone can have. Throw in a designer handbag or a basket full of branded goodies for a special night out, and what you get is an experience that’s almost as good as a holiday. Just ask the ladies who attended this year’s WCCC Heels & Designer Handbag Bingo charity event that was hosted in Hempfield at the Westmoreland County Community College.

Every year, the special event raises money for the benefit of the college’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Meritorious Scholarship fund. The event is organised by the college’s Black Awareness Committee, and even though this year there were no designer heels up for grabs, there were plenty of designer handbags and other special prizes doing the rounds.

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Designers And Goodies All Round

The stylish designer handbag brands included creations from Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Vera Bradley and Coach, and the bags came in every conceivable style and colour. 12 rounds of Bingo obviously made for the elite entertainment for the evening, but a variety of other special prizes perfectly complemented the main Bingo attraction. Various prizes at the door, raffle prizes, as well as a special-night-out basket were up for grabs. The basket proved to be a big hit among the evening’s participants, and included vouchers for Giant Eagle, Dairy Queen, AMC movie tickets, Sheetz, Hoss’s Steak and Sea House and Olive Garden; in other words, a wonderful accompaniment for the perfect night (or two!) out.

There were also various complimentary refreshments on offer, obviously to ensure that the participants were able to keep up their Bingo mojo vitality and stamina throughout the evening.

Did Anyone Say Bingo?

As mentioned previously, the funds raised by the event is each year donated to the Dr. Luther King Jr. scholarship fund. The fund is made available to young people who show academic promise but do not have the financial support that will enable them to develop beyond their immediate means. Scholarships such as this one has built many a career; made many a young person’s dreams come true.

More often than not, Bingo will be found to be somewhere in the fund-raising mix with these types of events. Over the years, in addition to providing endless hours of constructive and positive fun and social interaction, Bingo has added great value to the lives of many people who have benefited from fundraising events and charity events.

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