Virtual Bingo Carries Saint John’s SPCA

By Ben Hamill - April 14 2020

Virtual Bingo Carries Saint John’s SPCA

Virtual Bingo is doing for the animals in shelter at Saint John’s SPCA Animal Rescue what otherwise freely giving folks simply no longer can as a result of everyone having to reign it in on spending due to uncertain times.

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People are growing ever more restless after having been stuck indoors for weeks on end and so, needless to say, nearly everyone is looking for something to do and a new way in which to connect with family and friends. Its therefore no surprise that a surprising number of local Saint John residents are signing up for a weekly game of virtual Bingo in support of the wonderful cause of helping the animals being cared for by their local SPCA.

And best of all is that thanks to modern-day internet and connectivity technology, folks are tuning in together with family or friends (or both!) on platforms like Facebook and Zoom.

Highlight Of The Week For Many

Local Saint John resident Jana Blanchard tells the story of how weekly virtual Bingo has pretty much become the highlight of her and her family’s week. It’s become the main event in the home, says Blanchard, and something she’s looking forward to all week. The only thing now completely baffling to Jana Blanchard, is that she didn’t know about virtual Bingo before.

The fact that the money raised is in support of the local SPCA is a definite added bonus. Folks are eager to support a common and a worthy cause and Blanchard is convinced that the popularity of the weekly games can quite easily be put down to folks craving a sense of community and togetherness during a time when even a hug is a big no-no due to social distancing measures.

Help Is Needed & Appreciated

Needless to say, the animals at Saint John’s SPCA are the real winners of this particular round of numbers. Since lockdown and social distancing rules don’t allow veterinarians to perform any procedures other than those of the life-saving variety, sterilisations are for the moment completely off the table.

What this means is that the animals in residence at the SPCA cannot be put up for rescue adoption, as the SPCA’s policies don’t allow for adoption without a sterilisation clearance certificate. More rescues in the house necessarily also mean more mouths that need to be fed, and so every last penny helps in the organisation’s efforts to take care of the animals in its care during particularly difficult times.

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