How Bingo Is Fostering A Love For Reading

By Ben Hamill - May 27 2021

How Bingo Is Fostering A Love For Reading

Not only has Bingo emerged a lifesaver in the time of physical distancing, combatting isolation and helping to raise desperately needed funds for those in need, but it’s now also doing its bit for fostering a love for reading. And what better way to discover the joys of reading than travelling from one mini free book-exchange spot to the next in search of a winning Bingo combo.

This is exactly what Greater Victoria’s Placemaking Network (GVPN) is doing to encourage locals to read – by encouraging them to engage in a physical distancing-friendly game of Bingo played by checking out the many mini-libraries in the region in search of a book and, of course, a Bingo prize.

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Little Free Library Bingo

The GVPN has launched Little Free Library Bingo, a game complete with Bingo cards prompting those playing along to discover the region and reading by making use of the 467 Little Free Libraries across the Capital district.

The group tracks and stocks the entire region’s take-a-book, leave-a-book locations. And they’re hoping that Bingo and the opportunity to cross off potentially winning squares on players’ Bingo cards will encourage more than just a love of the game itself.

Players have two options to choose from – a card category for the general audience, and also one for a younger audience just starting out discovering the wonderful world of books. Bingo cards can either be collected from any of the little free libraries in the Greater Victoria region, or participants can print a card from themselves directly from the GVPN website, explains John Threlfall, who is a local writer operating one of the little free libraries on Fernwood Road. It was also Threlfall who initially came up with the idea of encouraging reading with the help and incentive of a Bingo game.

Win A Prize For Reading

Threlfall explained that just the same as with a regular game of Bingo, games can be played by lines, crosses, blackouts, or a variety of other patterns as the various little library items are discovered by the gaming treasure hunters. The ultimate goal remains to get people out exploring their neighbourhoods and the greater region while receiving the encouragement needed to become life-long lovers of reading and literature.

As for the prizes, participants are encouraged to share their completed little library Bingo cards on social media with #LFLBingo. Those who post their results are then entered into a draw for the prizes, explained GVPN board-member Teale Phelps Bondaroff.

The network’s Pocket Place Project has been stocking and mapping Little Free Libraries in the Greater Victoria region ever since 2017. The region is today home to the highest number of little free libraries in all of Canada.

And Bingo is helping to spread the word about reading.

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