Bingo Inspires Award-Winning Musical

By Ben Hamill - March 25 2019

Bingo The Musical

Bingo has been the inspiration behind everything from raising funds to social programs aimed a relieving loneliness in the lives of the aged. But treat of all treats; the game has now also inspired its very own musical!

Bingo! The Winning Musical officially opened on the 22nd of March at the Lucky Penny in Napa Valley, California, and will run all the way through till April 7th. But this isn’t just any old sit-back-and-sing-along musical; the audience will be invited to participate as the play unfolds! Best of all is that the audience participation includes several rounds of actual, real Bingo being played. Plus, there are some cool prizes to be won.

The story behind the musical revolves around the lives of three best friends, who also happen to be Bingo partners.  Vern, Honey and Patsy aren’t your run-of-the-mill players either; they are committed to the game, and brave a terrifying storm as well as a blackout in order to keep playing.

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For The Love Of The Game

Lucky Penny artistic director Taylor Bartolucci explains why Bingo was chosen as the subject for the brand new play. Bartolucci tells the story of how, a couple of years back, she had taken to playing Bingo at a local bar in Lake Tahoe, due to her family having visited the region. Suddenly, recalls Bartolucci, she understood exactly why players were so exceptionally passionate and fanatic about their favourite pastime.

And so, by this time a die-hard fan and regular player herself, when she discovered that a musical had been written about her new favourite game, she just knew instantly that it had to be presented at the Lucky Penny.

Ensemble Of Stars

Michael Heitzman, David Holcenburg and Ilene Reid wrote the original score and script. The musical even enjoyed a very successful off-Broadway run, and went to far as winning a Drama League Award. It has also been brought to life and performed all over Canada, Australia, Japan and the United States.

The cast at Napa’s Lucky Penny includes Daniela Innocenti Beem, Tim Setzer, Shannon Rider, Karen Pinomaki, Sarah Lundstrom and Jennifer Brookman. Tickets can be purchased online, from the theatre’s own site.

We can hardly think of a more magnificent treat than a Bingo meets star-studded musical!

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