Blacklisted Bingo Helping Local Businesses

By Ben Hamill - March 24 2021

Blacklisted Bingo Helping Local Businesses

Several local organisations in Louisiana, US, have collaborated to create a very special project in support of local Black-owned businesses and projects. Blacklisted Bingo, a month-long event running from March 15 through April 16, will see Bingo do its bit to help close the racial wealth and wellness gap, as well as to create jobs and keep money local.

Businesses are able to register to participate online, with several local Black-owned businesses having already signed up, including Northside Vegan, Anubis Games and Hobby, Akira Matthews, and Black Café. In addition to benefiting from the entertainment of Bingo events, those participating are also automatically entered into weekly raffles. Cash as well as gift cards are up for grabs, as well as a super special prize draw for those customers who get a blackout Bingo.

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Bingo Helps Entire Community

According to ShopBlacklisted founder Karnina King, making use of Bingo to help local Black-owned businesses also means a win-win situation for the whole community. King said the ShopBlacklisted team sincerely hopes the entire community will step up to the plate to support the special initiative.

The plan is to hold another round of Blacklisted Bingo in a few months’ time, said King. The aim is to ultimately have a Bingo card in every major city in Louisiana state. Massive success has been achieved thanks to similar Bingo initiatives held in larger US cities such as Atlanta and Dallas.

Blacklisted Bingo was born from the realisation that many black-owned businesses, oftentimes being smaller businesses, would not qualify for PPP relief-loans, explained King. And so, the idea was born to support local businesses by doing something fun and engaging while involving the community.

About ShopBlacklisted

Started in 2015 by a group of eight African American women across a spectrum of professions, ShopBlacklisted helps Black-owned businesses to advertise their goods and services online as well as via a mobile app.

King’s passion and brainchild, the networking businesses has since 2015 helped empower and confirm more than 300 local businesses in and around the greater Lafayette area.

King, a Southern University Law Center graduate, has also recently opened King Milton Law Group, LLC. Here, she provides legal advice and aid at affordable rates. By doing so, she says she’s been able to focus a much larger portion of her time and resources on growing the ShopBlacklisted network. King says the goal is to eventually expand the business across the entire state, as well as beyond.

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