Bingo Hall Wants Younger Players To Join In

By Ben Hamill - March 11 2021

Bingo Hall Wants Younger Players To Join In

A Charlottetown Bingo hall has come up with an innovative new way to attract a younger crowd of potential Bingo enthusiasts who may never otherwise have discovered the joy of the game. Although closed due to current health and safety restrictions, Kiwanis Bingo Country on Riverside Drive says it hopes to soon reopen its doors to old players and new with a private gaming room, an entertaining Bingo starter kit, and even a tutorial and introduction to the game.

According to Kyle Hambly, who is the manager at Kiwanis Bingo Country, Bingo is often misunderstood to be a game exclusively played by a “senior” class of individuals. And also, that it isn’t an activity catering for the entertainment needs of a younger demographic. As such, Hambly says the venue doesn’t really see all that many new, or younger, players.

But Bingo Country, says Hambly, wants to change all of that.

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A Different Sort Of Game

The idea behind the private Bingo room and its bookable introductory package, is to create the sort of atmosphere not typically found in the rest of the hall, Hambly recently told a local news publication. And it’s the sort of atmosphere that will allow players to speak to one another, laugh, have fun, learn the ropes of the game together, and have a great social experience all round.

Also on hand will be a staff member to explain how to play, and also how to approach more complex Bingo varieties such as “Bonanza” or “Hot Ball”. And thrown into the package as something of a bonus will be a special promo pack that will include Bingo bucks, which will hopefully lure players back for more fun in the future. 

Bingo Isn’t Just For The “Old”

The idea is to see the game revived and staying alive and happening, said Hambly. The experience of Hambly and the venue is that Bingo is a game slowly fading away because of the many senior misconceptions surrounding the activity. But Hambly says that this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Bingo can be made alive and happening once again, and Hambly and the rest of the team at Bingo Country are hoping to make exactly that happen.

Bingo Country has already carried out a few successful trial runs, added Hambly, all of which spells good news for the venue’s hope of re-introducing the game to a young demographic of players in a social, fun, and entertaining way.

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