Bingo Becomes Big Business

By Ben Hamill - May 14 2019

Online Bingo Joins The Big Business League

Bingo’s transition from brick and mortar halls to the Internet has been a gradual but dynamic one; a little bit like online banking, if you really think about it. Most of us had a little bit of trouble trusting the internet of things at first; we weren’t sure if it actually secretly meant us and our money harm and with the eyes of our imaginations we could just picture all of our hard-earned cash being instantly transferred off into the ether to goodness-knows-where.

And so it was with Bingo too. Was it not meant, after all, to be a social game? A game played among other people who also loved the game and craved human interaction? Somehow, at first at least, we did not quite do the logic in our minds that we could have our cake and eat it too; that it was possible to enjoy an online as well as an in-person presence.

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Quick And Convenient

We’ve come a long way since those initial years when we still believed that the machines were out to get us all. Today, the ability to play a game online is a very welcome addition to our busy lives. And Bingo is very much a part of that solution. Whilst it’s not always possible to attend a game in person, it’s not too hard to find ten minutes here and another fifteen there during which to log in to our online profiles and enjoy a quick game.

Also, the possibility of enjoying the leisure of still being in the position to pop down to the old hall or club at the end of the street for a game of Wednesday-night Bingo hasn’t at all disappeared in a puff of smoke. Only now, we have more options as to how to spend our leisure time.

A New Generation Of Players

Bingo’s online migration has in many ways ensured the ongoing longevity of the game. By having made the transition so successfully; and especially when talking mobile online Bingo; the game has managed to procure for itself a whole new dynamic of players.

The fact that social chat facilities are now regular instalments on mobile platforms is just about the best bit about the whole thing to a younger dynamic of players. Millennials actually prefer socialising online (consider Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to socialising in person. To them, online and mobile Bingo; with the option to chat to other players of course; is just about the best of both worlds.

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