eQube Announces Resignation Of Directors

By Ben Hamill - April 26 2021

eQube Announces Resignation Of Directors

Electronic Bingo systems provider eQube Gaming have announced the resignation of two of its board members. Directors Douglas Osrow and Damian Zapisocky have both resigned, the Edmonton-based eBingo giant announced on Wednesday. eQube thanked both departing directors for their contribution to the company during their term, with the company saying it wished them well in whatever endeavours they may be involved in in the future.

Established in 1999, eQube is a leader in the electronic Bingo industry, providing land-based eBingo systems to commercial as well as charitable gaming halls and facilities. So prominent is the supplier within the context of the local market, that it’s considered the majority market shareholder in the regulated Canadian Bingo market.

In addition to charitable and commercial facilities, the electronic Bingo giant also serves the tribal market, and on a global scale, regulatory role-players. eQube is a listed company, trading under the symbol EQG on the TSX Venture Exchange.

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About Electronic Bingo

Electronic Bingo, mostly referred to as eBingo, is a new way of Bingo that, instead of using traditional paper cards daubed with coloured Bingo daubers, allows the player to make use of an electronic touchscreen. This touchscreen allows the user to have more control over the speed at which they daub away at their numbers – which is why it’s a great resource for beginners.

Just the same as with traditional paper card-based Bingo, players must still match away at the numbers on their special ecards whenever the numbers they happen to have on their electronic cards are called by the caller. Also, again just the same as during a traditional Bingo game, that player to first match all the numbers in whatever the pattern, and yells “Bingo!”, wins the game.

How Access Works

In order to participate in a game of eBingo, players will typically purchase their electronic Bingo cards for the evening from a customer care representative at the facility where they intend to play. At the time of the purchasing transaction, each player will typically be assigned a player account, which they may then use by entering their player ID (which is displayed on the eBingo receipt received from the representative at the point of sale) as well as the password they received from the cashier.

What’s great about eBingo is that the layout of an electronic system makes it easier to play with several Bingo cards at once. Electronic Bingo systems typically allow players to view up to 12 eBingo cards at once, which is of course just about the best way to spend an evening of Bingo fun out on the town.

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