Black-Ish Star’s Mom Chose Bingo Over Obama

By Ben Hamill - November 15 2020

Black-Ish Star’s Mom Chose Bingo Over Obama

American actor and television show presenter Anthony Anderson’s mom Doris is such a big Bingo fan that she chose the game over a chance to accompany the star on a visit to the White House and a meet-and-greet with President Barack Obama. On a recent episode of Ellen the Black-ish actor told guest-host Sarah Silverman of his mother’s love of Bingo and how that love far outranked anything else in her life – even meeting America’s first Black President.

Clearly in a state of surprise and disbelief, an amused Silverman then asked the superstar actor whether his mother still regards Bingo to be a priority, to which the actor responded that she very much did. Having recently discovered that she could continue to play Bingo even with many Bingo halls still shuttered, Anderson says his mom has now switched to Drive-In Bingo.

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No Regrets Says Mom Doris

The obvious question clearly on everyone in the audience as well as on Silverman’s mind was whether mom Doris regrets not having accompanied her son for a chance to meet the 44th president of the United States. Anderson’s response came fast and quick – his mother still does not regret any of it because on that particular occasion she just so happened to win $250 in Bingo prize money.

As for how his mother happened to discover Drive-In Bingo, the television star described the new way of enjoying the game to have emerged highly popular in mom Doris’ home city of Rosemead. He explained Drive-In Bingo has going along the lines of tuning in your car radio to a specific radio frequency with someone calling out the letters and numbers. Whoever won, explained Anderson, would then wildly honk their horns so as to announce the “Bingo!” victory.

Drive-In Bingo A Great Alternative

Anderson’s mother is of course not the only Bingo enthusiast to have discovered Drive-In Bingo a welcome alternative at the time of the temporary closing down of many Bingo halls and gaming venues across Canada and the U.S.

Bingo lovers rely on the game not only for the opportunity to strike it lucky, but even more so, as a way to interact socially with friends and fellow fans of the popular game. Physical distancing health and safety protocols have prompted many players to seek out alternative means of enjoying their favourite game – including Drive-In Bingo, online Bingo, and even virtual games presented by celebrities on platforms such as Zoom and Google Hangouts. 

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