Diversification The Secret To Bingo’s Success

By Ben Hamill - January 23 2020

Bingo’s many virtues are well-sung, especially its absolute tenacity in terms of having stuck around for literally centuries when many other games and entertainment-style activities have in actual fact perished or changed to the extent of these games no longer being played in the original or intended format. The secret behind Bingo’s ongoing success and successful migration into a competitive online gaming market has been ongoing diversification, says Claire McDaid, who is the Vice President of Bingo at leading casino games developer/provider Pragmatic Play.

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New suppliers entering the market all the time has been the main driving force behind operators having recognised the need to cultivate more personal and certainly much more streamlined working relationships with providers of online games like Bingo. Competition, it turns out, is every bit as healthy for online gaming growth as what it has repeatedly proved to be for various other consumer-focused markets across the globe.

Untapping The Potential

McDaid also commented on the specific challenges faced by Pragmatic Play in the context of the company being a “multi-product” provider. But it’s also an approach that offers a great deal of potential. Its to this end, said McDaid, that Pragmatic Play has been working so tirelessly at becoming a “one-stop shop” for everything from Bingo to live casino games to scratch cards and slots.

But of all of the products developed and supplied by Pragmatic Play, its Bingo that continues to grow the fastest of all, and according to McDaid, it all comes down to being player-focused and at the same time providing to operators games that are both fresh and true to Pragmatic’s particular style as well as fully customisable so as to merge with the operator’s particular branding. And the key to achieving all of this, states McDaid, is to “keep it simple”.

Variety And Expert Support

But simple doesn’t at all refer to a lack of variety. A huge contributing factor to the supplier’s success has been exactly that. This has been particularly true for its online Bingo games and to this end, Pragmatic Play provides operators with every conceivable variant.

What has been paramount to the success of Pragmatic’s series of games is the actual human team of experts behind it all. It’s a team with decades’ worth of experience among them, points out McDaid, folks who have been involved in industry-leading Bingo development for many years and who are able to provide expert support to operators all over the regulated world.

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