Bingo Crook Finally Meets His Fate

By Ben Hamill - April 19 2020

Bingo Crook Finally Meets His Fate

The man accused of having benefited from more than $10,000 in ill-begotten Bingo wins by having rigged a series of Bonanza Bingo games in Monroe in the U.S. state of Louisiana, has just got what’s been coming to him after having been found guilty as charged on all three counts of trying to cheat the system. 43-year-old Monroe resident John Cook was picked up by law enforcement authorities late last year after it emerged that he had on multiple occasions cheated a Bonanza Bingo hall out of illicit winnings.

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Cook initially denied all allegations brought against him by the DeSaird Street venue, but video footage provided to police by management clearly shows the crook manipulating a game by literally hand-picking the winning numbers beforehand as well as holding back on the final ball until the point of a final deal coming into play, at which point he can be seen releasing the final winning numbers.  

Been Some Time Coming

The initial arrest warrant was already filed on June 29, but it took some months yet for police to gather the sufficient evident required in order to book Cook into Ouachita Correctional facility. Cook’s case wasn’t exactly strengthened by the fact that he failed on two occasions to appear before the relevant court for the hearing of his fate.

Cook has now been arrested not only for theft, but also for a double failure to appear at court, an act viewed in a very serious light and considered on par with trying to defy the ends of justice and being in contempt of court and its authorities.

Did Not Act Alone

The general consensus among members of staff at the venue is that John Cook wasn’t acting alone. His sister as well as some of the other players, some of whom were regulars at the venue, are suspected to have been involved in the crook’s Bingo scam. In fact, two of the three skanky wins were registered in the name of Cook’s sister. The third illicit win was nabbed by an unidentified third party. The third person suspected of having helped Cook in his nasty endeavour was captured speaking with Cook on camera on one of the evenings in question.

Cook now faces time spent behind bars on various counts of felony theft. Bail has apparently been set at 11,000, but since the scammer wasn’t able to make payment, he will remain in custody until sentencing.

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