Bingo Supports Local Manhattan Businesses

By Ben Hamill - June 07 2021

Bingo Supports Local Manhattan Businesses

Residents of the bustling Midtown East neighbourhood in Lower Manhattan, New York City, can now have their Bingo cake and eat it too. The East Midtown Partnership, a business improvement district working towards the improvement of the quality of life of local residents and their commercial activities, recently launched a massive new interactive Bingo campaign meant to welcome locals back to supporting businesses in the district.

The travelling Bingo game celebrates the return of Midtown East residents to businesses across a variety of industries – including fashion, food, design, R&R, and music. The Bingo celebration comes as residents make their return to commerce and entertainment following the lifting of stay-at-home orders.

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From Sushi To Piano Lessons

Special Bingo boards are now available in-person at all participating businesses in the district. Patrons can collect special Bingo cards from any of the businesses signed up to play along, for a chance to win their share of everything from complimentary days at Allure Day Spa to gadgets from Learning Express Toys and something to eat from Nare Sushi and Pescatore Restaurant.

In order to win a prize, patrons must pick up a Bingo board and make a purchase at any one of the participating businesses for receiving a credit. Credits are then filled out on the Bingo patterns listed on the card before submitting a completed pattern to the BID in exchange for a prize.

Participating businesses include Clarks, Amali, Eileen Fisher, IKEA Planning Studio, La Cava, Reiss, Satori Laser, The Harman Store, Proper Food, Kickstand Bicycles, Sweetcatch Poke, and even the Natalia Huang Piano Store.

Bingo Is Safe And Interactive

Said Rob Byrnes, who is the president of the East Midtown Partnership, late last week, the district prides itself on working towards the strengthening and promoting of businesses in the region. This includes finding creative new ways for engaging with members of the general public as well as keeping the local neighbourhood safe and clean.

Bingo, said Byrnes, is ideal for interacting with customers in a safe and fun new way, while at the same time luring those customers back through the doors of local businesses in the Midtown East, Manhattan district.

The East Midtown Partnership has been active in the region since 2002. Previous programs include a street side recycling program, increased beautification in the region by the planting of greenery in creative spaces, and an East Midtown Passport card initiative meant to get residents of the region to go out and about supporting local businesses. 

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