How Bingo Continues To Spread Happiness

By Ben Hamill - November 20 2019


Mecca Bingo’s Aylsham Road venue in Norwich in the UK may very well be just about the luckiest Bingo spot yet. And this has less to do with the fact that the venue is known to attract crowds of 800+ on busy evenings, and more with the 2 x £50,000 in prize money paid out to patrons in a question of fewer than four months apart.

Best of all is that the Norwich venue isn’t the only spot renowned for dishing out serious Bingo cash on any which day of an ordinary week. Bingo players all over the world are literally raking it in, including those enjoying their favourite weekly bout of fun right here in Canada.

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A Win-Win All Round

Everybody loves to win. This is no secret. But Bingo has over the years shown itself to be about a great deal more than just winning instant cash. It brings people from various walks of life together as if they’d been life-long mates all along. This perhaps more than anything else is what makes the game so special and also why it continues to outlive just about every other form of entertainment on the planet.

The game has come a long way since its humble beginning days of serving mainly the purpose of raining funds for church-charities. This definitely still has its place in the greater scheme of things, but the game has very much grown into a maturity and adulthood of sorts. Today, Bingo serves a different purpose to just about everyone playing. For some, it’s the ultimate shelter against the Dementia storm. Bingo is now officially accepted as being a wonderful precautionary remedy for illnesses affecting the brain. For others, it’s an opportunity to meet new friends. Older folks often do not have the luxury of having the company of children, for whichever reason. They manage to keep social and stay connected to the outside world solely thanks to the support offered by Bingo.

More Than Just Numbers

The money obviously acts as a major drawcard too. And initiatives such as those spearheaded by companies like Bongo’s Bingo is making winning instant cash to be all that more attractive by turning the entire thing into an experience instead of just another Wednesday evening at a local hall.

Bingo is without a doubt unique because of the vast variety in the ways the game is played the world over. Its fun, it offers the opportunity to win instant cash and its good for the mind and for the soul. So really, why on earth not?

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