Rank Bingo Revenue Skyrockets

By Ben Hamill - October 18 2019

The age of digital Bingo is here to stay. This is yet again evident from the information recently released by The Rank Group with regards to the performance of its Mecca retail Bingo venues vs. that of its online digital offerings. The profit slump experienced earlier on this year is now literally a thing of the past in terms of cause and effect, as the overall performance has been major-league boosted by a concentrated effort on the part of the group on the expansion of its digital range of products and games.

Mecca Bingo’s revenue performance all but evened out at a 0% growth rate, but on the digital revenue front it was a different story altogether as the figure climbed by more than 14% when talking net digital revenue. This is a significant argument in favour of digital products vs. land-based, if ever there was one.

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Grosvenor Followed Suit

Grosvenor Casinos, also owned by Rank Group, reported more of the same. Local physical revenue for casino games grew by 10% whilst online digital revenue absolutely soared at a stellar 27% revenue hike.

This was also one of the main motivations behind the group having earlier this year acquired Stride Gaming. By investing in a major digital platform, Rank was then able to migrate its existing digital offerings onto the established platform, which has effectively resulted in increased productivity and a significant rise in digital exposure across the entire online global field. The investment by way of Stride’s acquisition did not come cheap, but is according to Rank, worthy every dollar and dime spent.

Mindful Of The Big Shift

The age of digital is upon us; this can no longer be denied or ignored. Any supplier worth its salt will know that investing in a strong online presence is the new way of the future. Those who fail to realise the truth behind this concept will eventually end up falling by the wayside.

The digital revolution has taken the casino industry by storm and opting in means adapting and long-term survival. This is true across the board and playing field, even for a game like Bingo, traditionally played at large get-togethers in gaming halls. A sense of community and togetherness is no longer limited to physical presence and modern players regard online play to be every bit as fulfilling and stimulating.

The Rank Group is bound to enjoy many more years of success in business because of its having realised this important shift in the global games market.

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