Bingo Is Bursting From Its Seams–Here’s Why

By Ben Hamill - July 22 2019

Bingo Is Bursting From Its Seams–Here’s Why

Interactive online Bingo is experiencing a surge in popularity the likes of which previously would not even have seemed possible, let alone probable. Bingo truly has experienced a total make-over and full-on revolution within its own ranks; having graduated from being perceived as a game mainly catering to the entertainment needs of senior citizens and desperately lonely housewives to something altogether different.

Its fan base has grown steadily over the course of the past decade or so and Bingo has become the game of choice for older citizens and young hip and happening adults alike; basically anyone on the hunt for social engagement, a very enjoyable and engaging game at that, and real opportunities to win big money.

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Behold The Rise Of Mobile

The rise of the online gambling industry; and more specifically, the mobile online gambling industry; has had much to do with Bingo’s revival and transformation. It’s by now a thing of complete and total acceptance that the human race is completely sold on easy access, creature comforts and instant gratification. On top of all of that, we are by our very nature, hard-wired for social connection. Mobile Bingo fits the bill down to the very last dot and cross.

And really, the figures support the game’s claim to fame. It’s estimated that in 2018, the online industry was worth an incredible $1.9 billion. Even more significant is the fact that between 29.5% and 40.7% of the total online revenue was generated by the mobile industry. The variance is put down to different regions and countries; all of which are technologically evolving at differing rates.

Taking Centre-Stage

Different trends and deviations from the beaten path in terms of content and application have started to diversify the industry and this is commonly accepted to be the direct result of the rise of the global mobile gambling market.

The result has been not only one of existing players sticking to Bingo as their game of choice, but also one of more and more new players being welcomed into the rapidly growing online fold. The evolution of the market has created a one-stop-shop type of content landscape and players are able to effortlessly switch between different games and activities on a single mobile device.

The future is seamless and it’s engaging, and Bingo is perfectly positioned at centre-stage.

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