Bingo Holds Its Own In UK Google Play Store

By Ben Hamill - October 16 2019

The casino industry’s relationship with mobile tech has come a long way. When Google announced in 2010 that all apps containing elements of gambling was officially banned from its UK Play Store; including Bingo apps and games; it at the same time said that the ban was by no means intended to be permanent and that it was merely a case of coming up with a more effective means of verifying the actual age of its users so as to ensure that no under-age gambling took place on its watch.

Google continued to publish ongoing updates on the situation and not too long after the initial announcement, said that it expected to have the ban lifted by August of 2017. Which is of course what duly happened. The lift officially allowed all manners of casino games, including Bingo, back into the ranks of mobile gaming in the United Kingdom.

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Come A Long Way Since 2010

Today, Bingo apps on Google’s UK Play Store number well in excess of 250. Google however continues to keep a steely grip of control over the pre-screening of content permitted to be offered on its online marketplace platform and those who wish to offer their games to players via the Play Store are obliged to adhere to an entire list of terms and conditions. The most prominent of these include:

  • App owners must be registered in the UK, Ireland or France
  • Responsible gambling prompts and warnings must be clearly displayed
  • The necessary stops must be in place to as to prevent downloads by users stationed in other countries
  • Under-age gamblers must be denied access to gambling games
  • The initial download of any gambling-related app must be completely free of charge
  • Applications and games being offered as gambling and Bingo apps must accept as well as reward and pay out real money.

Bingo Will Prevail

Bingo has over the years seen its fair share of regulatory shake-ups and yet has managed to overcome every which hurdle previously constructed on its way. The game’s popularity continues to grow and mobile has without a doubt ensured Bingo’s crossing over into a modern day and age.

Player’s love being able to play Bingo on the go and platforms such as Google’s Play Store are making it happen. Mobile Bingo is here to stay and its going to be interesting to look back a decade from now and see exactly how much the game has evolved by then; considering the leaps and bounds in progress performed up until this point in time.

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