Why Millennials Are Embracing Bingo

By Ben Hamill - August 22 2019

Why Millennials Are Embracing Bingo

Bingo really has come a long way. The game has perfected the art of adapting and changing with the times and is no longer viewed as a game intended only for the old or for charitable church events. In fact, so successful has Bingo been at its complete transformation that more millennials than ever are opting in on a game of the old dab-and-win.

Much of its popularity and new-found social status among millennials has been the result of Bingo’s instant and 24/7 availability; a feature that has proven especially popular among modern-day players who were born in the age of technology.

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Millennials Know What They Want

Millennials are globally known a collective that very much knows what it wants. And at the top of the list is value for money. Millennials don’t want value for money; they don’t even want their money’s worth – what they want is to receive more than what they have paid for. This is yet another reason behind the popularity of especially online Bingo among people of this specific age group. Lucrative welcome and sign-up offerings are a smash hit among millennials. Promotions and special offers go down a charm and attract players of all ages in their drones.

And then of course there is the issue of variety. Millennials do not take kindly to boredom. They are all about instant gratification and options. The more variety and options at their instant disposal, the happier a bunch they tend to be.

Looking To The Future

Bingo has welcomed millennials into its fold and in many ways this will help the game survive well into the future yet. The game’s new liberated status has ensured its popularity among people of all ages. What with beer pong and musical Bingo being available as alternatives to the old format of sitting down at a table to play, the game appears to have successfully shaken the notion that it lacks a certain “cool” factor.

The sheer variety of games currently available to play is incredible. Online operators are doing everything in their power to make Bingo attractive and their efforts are most certainly paying off. Even land-based halls have upped the ante and venues all over the world are embracing electronic options as a tech-savvy alternative to standard manual calling.

Millennials all over are falling in love with Bingo, and it really is about time.

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