Bingo Hall Enforce No Mask, No Play Rule

By Ben Hamill - September 01 2020

Bingo Hall Enforce No Mask, No Play Rule

A 67-year-old Bingo enthusiast and resident of Ontario has reportedly been ordered to leave the premises of her local Bingo hall unless she agreed to cover her tracheostomy with a mask. Elaine Arbeau, who is battling lung cancer, as a result of her condition breathes through a surgically made hole in her neck.

According to the Whitby resident’s son, his mom hardly ever goes out anymore. She apparently only ever leaves her home to play Bingo or games at the casino and was as such particularly excited to meet up with her friends during the planned visit at Pickering’s Delta Bingo hall.

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A Humiliating Incident

But it had all gone horribly awry when upon Arbeau’s arrival at the Bingo hot-spot earlier this month, she was asked to leave the premises – an incident her son now describes as having been immensely humiliating to his mom.

Spotted crying in the parking lot after having tried to explain to management that it would not be possible for her to cover her tracheostomy due to this being the way in which she breathed, a local manager had according to son Joe Gilbert taken pity on Arbeau and had invited her to come back in. By then hugely embarrassed and humiliated by the incident of the evening, the Arbeau had apparently refused and had returned home instead.

Upon her arrival back home, Gilbert said his mom proceeded to do some research of her own regarding the current rules governing the mandatory wearing of protective facial masks. Her ultimate conclusion was that she had been treated wrongly and in a discriminatory manner, said Gilbert of his mom’s findings.

Another Failed Attempt

Gilbert said his mom then tried to re-enter the popular Bingo venue on the weekend, during which attempt the very same response was to be had from management. A video recorded of the interaction between Arbeau and an employee of the venue shows the employee informing the senior citizen of the fact that the Bingo hall is a gaming venue that is privately owned and as such, is also at liberty to enforce any rules that they want.

Delta Bingo CEO Cam Johnston has in the meantime responded to the reported incident by committing to conduct a thorough investigation of the case. Johnston however added that those people for whatever reason unable to wear a mask at this present time, would be better off not visiting the establishment for as long as the current situation prevails.

The safety of all her employees and customers remains her number one priority, said Johnston.

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