Bingo Loco Announces Bingo Rave Of The Year

By Ben Hamill - May 12 2021

Bingo Loco Announces Bingo Rave Of The Year

Anybody assuming rave music and events to be part of an era long gone has it horribly wrong. Thanks to Bingo and Bingo Loco, a world leader in Bingo party events, rave has an all-new party jacket going on. And what’s more, it’s about to sport that party jacket at an event in Sydney that promises to be the biggest Bingo rave the world has ever seen.

Bingo raves have of course been around for many years, and every year, they’re only getting bigger and bigger still. After originating in the United Kingdom, Bingo raves soon made their way across the continents. And considering what all these super events involve, it’s no surprise they’ve become so incredibly popular.

A typical Bingo rave is a combination of music, dance competitions, comedy by live stand-up comedians, music, and, of course, Bingo. And what’s about to happen come the biggest Bingo rave the world has ever seen, Bingo Loco XXL, promises to shadow all past events.

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Music, Dance, And Bingo!

Headlining the music and Bingo acts will be English rapper and music artiest Example. Set for Saturday, July 10, at Sydney Showground’s The Dome, the event promises lip-sync battles of epic proportions, fireworks, stand-up comedian masters of ceremonies, dance contests, and much, much more.

But what makes Bingo Loco’s big Bingo rave events so stupendously popular? According to Bingo Loco Australian Director Laurie Mahon, it’s a fantastic combination of several different things, but most importantly, people’s desire to enjoy more from what would have been just another games night out on the town.

The secret, said Mahon, is the involvement of the crowd. And added to this a theatre-style performance, special effects, a concert, Bingo, and even trivia. This makes of Bingo Loco evenings a real feast, said Mahon.

All For A Good Cause

The excitement of Bingo to the hum of the music aside, there’s another element that makes Bingo Loco events just that much more worthy of support. 

True to Bingo tradition, the proceeds raised by the biggest Bingo rave in the world will be donated to Make-A-Wish Australia, after which the funds will be distributed in aid of youngsters in need of critical medical care resulting from critical and/or terminal illness.

If for no other reason, this, more than anything else, makes the event a special spectacular to look forward to – and certainly just about the best way to spend a Bingo night out.

Here’s to Bingo saving the world one person at a time.

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