Lucky Buzz Bingo Player Wins £50,000 Jackpot

By Ben Hamill - August 26 2020

Lucky Buzz Bingo Player Wins £50,000 Jackpot

A lucky Metrocentre club Bingo regular from Gateshead, UK has just won an earthshaking £50,000 jackpot. And it’s a life-changing dig that has left the Buzz Bingo player speechless.

In fact, said the player (who wishes to remain anonymous) after the big win announcement, being on the receiving end of a prize this size is unbelievable – flabbergasting even. Even when the caller said they’d just won £50,000, the reality of the big win apparently still failed to completely sink in.

And it’s a win not even Buzz Bingo Metrocentre club assistant manager Justine Curren saw coming – especially since the win came just a single week after the operator re-opened the club following months of being closed for business.

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Holiday Is At Last On The Cards

As for what the lucky winner plans on doing with their Bingo jackpot landfall, an overseas holiday seems to be at the order of the day. Since they’ve never before been abroad, said the player after the big-win announcement, the plan was now to book a proper holiday – along with paying off their mortgage and car, and treating their kids and grandkids, of course!

Since there’s no time quite like the present to be dishing out a bit of happiness to the local community, said Curren, it’s a magnificent feeling to be able to make a player’s day – year, even – in this incredible way. There’s no describing even the atmosphere when the win was called, reports Curren. Suddenly, everyone at the venue was one their feet and cheering away. It’s a moment neither the Buzz Bingo team nor the players are likely to forget anytime soon.

A Focus On Safety-First

The club has in the meantime been implementing strict new measures so as to ensure everybody’s safety following its recent reopening. New measures include limited occupancy, protective physical distance-aiding screens made of Perspex, and sanitising stations strategically placed and readily available to customers as well as members of staff.

Even though several Buzz Bingo venues have received the reopening greenlight, some have yet to resume “business as usual”. The operator on August 6 reopened 12 of its UK clubs – with the remaining 78 venues scheduled to reopen by at least August 27.

And it’s a reopening celebration Buzz Bingo Grantham general manager Scott Roe says he’s very much looking forward too. It’s been a long few months without seeing their lovely customers, said Roe, which will make finally being able to reopen even more of a joyous occasion.

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