Porketta Bingo at the Beef N’ Bird is Back

By Ben Hamill - July 22 2021

Porketta Bingo at the Beef N’ Bird is Back

Porketta Bingo as hosted by the Beef N’ Bird Tavern in Sudbury, Ontario, will once again be enjoyed by regulars thanks to the province reopening. The pub’s owner, Anthony Toppazzini, reports that his customers are very excited about getting back inside and playing the unusual variation of Bingo he’s happy to provide.

Pre-pandemic, the Beef N’ Bird was where anyone with any sense was on a Saturday afternoon. And drivers passing the inn on Lorne Street would frequently spot a queue of people 150-deep wrapped around the building before 12 noon.

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Sudbury’s Delicious Secret

Porketta Bingo is what they were lining up for, an unusual take on Bingo which could last as long as four hours. Winners of the six rounds would be rewarded with a section of porchetta, a spicy, tasty, moist boneless pork roast in the finest Italian tradition.

Along with the rest of the world, Sudbury citizens have had to stay at home for the better part of the last year and have been waiting since then for Porketta Bingo at the Beef N’ Bird to resume. And, due to Ontario’s official entry into the third step of its reopening scheme, they’re that much closer.

Toppazzini is looking forward to allowing people to once again step inside, enjoy the wonderful food and drink at his tavern and try their best to take first place in the Porketta Bingo games. Outdoor dining has been allowed for some time now, during the second step of the Reopening Plan, but the weather has worked against would-be diners and players. It’s been raining hard for the last few weeks.

An Important Cause

The Beef N’ Bird’s unusual Porketta Bingo game is about a lot more than just a delicious side of meat. It raises money for local Hockey teams and Toppazzini has revealed that he’s already in discussions with The Cooper Cliff Minor Hockey Association about the upcoming games’ resumption. Topazzini added that, as hard a time as he’s been hit with due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19, the biggest impact by far is the loss of the money he would usually have been able to raise for the next generation of world-class Hockey players.

Toppazzini ended off by saying that he hopes that everything is going to go well and that everyone’s going to get their vaccinations so that things can get back to normal when Porketta Bingo seasons begins.