BCLC Adds to Its Online Bingo Offering

By Ben Hamill - April 16 2020

BCLC Adds to Its Online Bingo Offering

Since remaining indoors and at home is the right thing to do right now if we’re to save our economy, we’re going to need a whole lot more activities to keep us free of the dreaded cabin fever. And thanks to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, not only will we have a great deal more than usual with which to keep us constructively occupied, but we’ll also have the chance to turn home time into money time. And since mundane and boring simply aren’t words typically included in our vocabularies, and we simply love experiencing a true sense of community amid all the madness of the past couple of weeks and months, the BCLC’s PlayNow site is just what’s needed to add a bit of online Bingo cheer to our lives.

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And since quite a bit of cash has been injected into the BCLC’s CA$500 Guaranteed Bingo Evenings, there really is no reason to not join in on all of the fun. Aside from the opportunity to bag quite a bit of cash every day of the week, there are some pretty cool Bingo activities doing the rounds in order to keep us going.

It’s Easy To Join In

Best is, it’s as easy as pie to get started and join in the fun. The first step would be to register a player profile account on the site. The steps are easy and pretty much self-explanatory. Once registered, it’s as simple as navigating your way on over to the Suite 75 room on the platform. Every Bingo enthusiast knows, it’s all about being at the right place at the right time, and as far as these go, Suite 75 is it.

The special CA$500 guaranteed prize money promo games get underway at 6 p.m. PT each evening. The awards are categorised according to achievement. For example, the first player to complete the outline of a star on his or her Bingo card, is instantly eligible for a superb cash payout of $150. But the person who will win biggest of all is the one who is first up to complete a full card of Bingo. An incredible $350 is the reward for this sweet feat.

Money, Money, Money

Weekend-nights are even more exciting, with a total of CA$1,000 in cash winnings up for grabs. The location where all of this goes down is the Coast to Coast section of the Suite 75 online room. Cash prizes range from CA$100 all the way up to CA$500 to whoever is first to complete the qualifying lines.

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