B.C. Self-Care Bingo Card A Pandemic Fail

By Ben Hamill - February 23 2021

B.C. Self-Care Bingo Card A Pandemic Fail

Canadians have become so frustrated with the challenges and heartache caused by the global health crisis that not even a "self-care" Bingo card is able to cut the mustard anymore. B.C. residents on Friday labelled an effort by the province to get them to engage in a game of self-care Bingo for the greater good of their mental health as depressing, and even a form of "next-level" gaslighting.

The province's self-care Bingo card includes suggestions such as having fun, exercising, playing a board game, crying, and letting it all out, going for a walk, meditating, and making a blanket fort, as insensitive and inappropriate within the context of suffering and people actually dying. Canadians shortly after the Bingo card appeared on the province's Twitter account, took to social media themselves, expressing hurt and disappointment at an effort clearly intended to achieve the exact opposite.

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Not A Game

The image of the Bingo card was accompanied by the message, "self-care can help manage some stress & anxiety during #CovidBC.", prompting social media users to identify how they've taken care of their mental health so far "this week" with the typical goal of completing a row, diagonal, or column.

The self-care Bingo card unleashed a flood of responses, with people clearly experiencing a need to "let it all out" by describing how they had lost their loved ones, jobs, homes, and had no other option but to deplete their life savings as they tried to survive financially and keep going. Some responded by firing off obscenities, while others shared personal stories of not being able to hold or attend events like funerals. One user described the latter as a feeling equal to having grief consume them alive.

Mixed Responses

While some did comment that they'd experienced the Bingo card as helpful, many others told of how they'd been trying to access mental health resources via the provinces for months now, but how they had not managed to shake off their depression despite their having completed all of the suggested activities and self-care methods.

The province later that same day posted about having recognised that more work remained to be done, but the second post did not go as far as issuing an apology to those offended.

Restrictions imposed by the province have continued without any indications of an end in sight, and these have now become obvious sources of immense frustrations as people continue to find themselves unable to travel, mingle with anyone outside their own households in restaurants and other venues, and in general return to some semblance of a normal everyday life.

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