The Town Heroes Present Isolation Bingo

By Ben Hamill - April 07 2020

The Town Heroes Present Isolation Bingo

In times of anxiety and even self-isolation at home, sometimes all you need to keep you going is to take your mind off the new normal for just an hour. Which is exactly what Halifax-based alternative rock band The Town Heroes are doing with their online isolation Bingo events played and streamed via Facebook Live.

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According to bandmember and drummer Bruce Gillis, who also happens to call the game, the idea of an online Bingo game hosted by the members of the band isn’t one that was concocted especially for a time of isolation due to Covid-19. He and fellow band-member Mike Ryan had already come up with the idea of staging a regular game of online Bingo sometime last year. But since life tends to get in the way of many a good idea, as life tends to do, the pair never really got around to doing any of it.

When Covid-19 Came Along

But when isolation caused by the current global pandemic rolled around, and since the band wasn’t keeping busy with playing gigs and all that in any way, it was decided that the idea deserved a re-visit. And it did, because what had started out with a small game with only a few dozen Bingo cards, soon grew into regular weekly online isolation Bingo with literally hundreds of players joining in the fun.

How it works is that a weekly game is hosted by the band via Facebook Live and through the band’s official Town Heroes Facebook page. Those interested in playing along are required to pop a message to the band in order to receive a card with which to play along. And of course, there’s a way in which to declare one’s self a winner too – simply write “Bingo” in the comments section of any given game for your card to be verified by the band.

The Perfect Antidote

There are of course a few technical glitches here and there, but both Ryan as well as Gillis consider this to be part of the fun of the experience, with one calling and the other bantering fun and funny comments back at the other for the return. Both say that all of this is part of how a game of Bingo should be run in any event – at least to their minds. It’s supposed to be fun, and it most definitely is!

As to whether the band is satisfied with the feedback received from those who join in on the weekly games, it’s a definite yes from Gillis. Health care workers continuously check in to tell the band’s members how much they value being able to forget about the cold and very difficult reality faced by them each day as they fight the good fight against a health pandemic threatening to steal the lives of many. Which really is enough reason all on its own to keep on playing.