Welcome To 2020 Awards Season Bingo

By Ben Hamill - January 06 2020

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The 2020 Hollywood Awards season is upon us and this year promises to be no different to any other year when talking all of the old hashed-out perfectly predictable old favourites. It’s very much its own kind of silly season with the old sticky taglines once again promising to return to the stage in its various personas. The old, “Kids, if you’re watching this, go to bed” sure-fires have become just about as dependable as the stairs carrying Hollywood’s heavyweights onto the most coveted stage in the global entertainment industry.

This is the type of dependability that we value instead of rue for its fail-safe predictability. And to those of us out to have some fun with it all apart from the obvious annual viewing pleasure, there’s always Bingo to help shake things up in the entertainment department. What better way to celebrate entertainment’s best than to predict the old Nicole Kidman clap or the all-too-familiar loser’s smile on a Bingo card?

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Time To Get Creative With Bingo

The possibilities truly are endless. Top suggestions include old favourites like the old long-winded stroll onto the stage, shameless weeping (when winning of course!), a presenter very obviously not impressed with a winner and good old dependable Trump tweeting something completely nonsensical about the nature of entertainment awards. And then of course the ultimate trimming on the cake is the annual bleeping-it-out whenever anyone’s vocabulary errs on the side of the colourful, accidentally, of course.

All of this obviously makes for great Bingo and there’s arguably no better way to spice up the annual event than to fill up the old card with dabs as a result of having been on the money on all counts.

The Fun That Never Stops

Bingo deserves a reward all on its own for having stuck around for literally centuries. The game has literally survived world wars and significant global events and has managed to remain relevant and just as playable today was what it would have been a hundred years ago. Part of its long-term charm is without a doubt its adaptability. There’s a game suitable to just about any conceivable occasion and celebration. Not to mention even the fact that the game has been proven to fight diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Awards season may be as predictable as ever but Bingo most certainly has endless tricks up its gaudy sleeves yet. Here’s to another year filled with good old Bingo pomp and cheer.

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