Amendment 4 Passed by Missouri Voters

By Ben Hamill - November 09 2018

Amendment 4 Passed by Missouri Voters

Missouri has long suffered from a lack of bingo volunteers due to unnecessarily strict laws that prevent would-be volunteers from serving until they had been a member of the establishment hosting the game for at least two years.

However, these strict laws were recently put to the vote, allowing local voters to have their say in the matter – and so they did. MO voters have now approved a constitutional amendment that would change the amount of experience legally required in order to run a bingo game.

The so-called Amendment 4 was narrowly passed on Tuesday, being among the several other ballot issues that Missouri residents were asked to vote upon. The state’s current constitution, as mentioned above, requires two years of membership at an organization in order for someone to run one of their games. The experience needed will now be reduced to just six months.

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Bingo Advertising Ban Removed

As well as changing this factor, the amendment has also removed constitutional language that bans the advertising of bingo games. As such games are only allowed to be hosted by charitable, educational and veteran societies in the state, this will allow such organizations to attract more players to their fund-raising activities and boost their incomes in the process.

Although the amendment was passed, voters did reportedly experience some problems with casting their ballots on the day. According to the Kansas City Star, the power was out when residents of the state arrived at the Coves Clubhouse to vote in northern Kansas City. The ballots were apparently submitted to an emergency compartment, to be fed directly back into the reader as soon as the power was restored.

Other Issues Clarified on Tuesday

Patty Lamb, the Clay County Board of Election Commissioners director, said that there had also been some problems with some voter machines ‘not working properly’, but officials quickly addressed the issue. A ballot counter at the Lee’s Summit City Hall was also down for around 20 minutes before it was replaced by another machine.

Other bills and issues that were passed during the voting period included a higher minimum wage for Missouri locals, and Constitution Amendment 1 (the ‘Clean Missouri’ proposal), which will limit the gifts that lobbyists may give to lawmakers and improve transparency within the general assembly. Residents also voted against a state increase in gasoline fuel tax, which will certainly come in handy for those who are now looking forward to attending their next MO bingo round!

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