Increase In Virtual Bingo Players in Alberta

By Ben Hamill - June 13 2021

Increase In Virtual Bingo Players in Alberta

As the global health crisis continued to disrupt everyday activities across the world, many of us were forced to turn to virtual experiences. Avid Bingo players in Alberta know this all too well. While there was, at first, some worry that they just might have to go without playing their favourite game until it was entirely safe to gather together, a system was quickly figured out that allowed people to stay at home.

Essentially, what this experience boils down to for players is this: all people need to do in order to participate is go and collect their cards from their regular halls, and then return to their homes and tune in to YouTube. For players like Anita Vincenzi, this was an easy transition.

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Is Virtual Bingo Here To Stay?

While the idea of virtual Bingo may have seemed like a bit of a stretch for many players at first, it now seems that virtual Bingo may just be here to stay. After the successes of the past few months of V-Bingo, it seems that this way of playing is set to continue, even long after the halls reopen. This is welcome news for players like Mrs Vincenzi and those who like to play in their pajamas.

Mrs Vincenzi said that she would now sooner play Bingo virtually than go to a hall. She added that she loves playing virtually as she is able to save all kinds of money, she eats and drinks at home – and her husband doesn’t get mad at her. The player said that she plays once a week, usually only on a Thursday or Friday, with $40, which equates to 12 Bingo cards.

Some Travel Hours To Pick Up Bingo Cards

While many other gambling options seem to have fallen away because of the global health crisis, Bingo is one of the few that hasn’t. Bingo halls have seen a massive rise in the number of players each week, with some travelling hours to pick up cards so that they can also play.

Prior to the health crisis, Edmonton’s Castledowns Bingo Hall saw roughly 150 players. Now that it has moved to a virtual platform, an average night sees between 400 and 500 players. Sometimes, this number stretches to over 1,000.

Bill Metz, a player affectionately known as “Bingo Bill”, says that he loves the resilience of Bingo. He says that the game has had its fair share of ups and downs, such as age restrictions and bans on smoking, but it managed to keep going through all of it.

It seems nothing will slow this game down.

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