Alberta Bingo Halls & Casinos Go Into Shutdown Mode

By Ben Hamill - March 19 2020

Alberta Bingo Halls & Casinos Go Into Shutdown Mode

Alberta is the latest province to have joined the casino shut-down line. As Covid-19 continues to spread like wildfire, Canadian industries are reeling under the pressure of trying to keep afloat amid various restrictions on large gatherings, activities and general human movements. The casino industry has sadly not escaped the hit, and all casinos and Bingo halls across the province have been ordered to temporarily close up shop given the exceptional circumstances that currently prevail due to the global Coronavirus pandemic.

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Social distancing means that no more than 50 individuals are permitted to congregate at any given time, making playing Bingo especially difficult. This distancing is to ensure that the virus does not continue to spread and sow disaster. The state of emergency declared by each province will prescribe the exact limitations for that particular province.

Breaking The Cycle

As it stands at the moment, 23 new cases are the average for every 24 hours. Some 97 cases of the human Coronavirus have been confirmed in the province to date, with more entering into the mix each day. Given the unprecedented nature of the pandemic, it stands to good reason that restrictive safeguards should be implemented, however drastic these may seem from a global business point of view.

In Calgary and surrounds alone, more than 70 cases of Covid-19 have now been confirmed. Edmonton currently reports having 20 confirmed case. The majority of those who have tested positive for the Coronavirus are self-isolating in order to prevent spreading the virus onto other, potentially higher-risk individuals. Local schools and universities have also been closed down until such time as what the virus has been contained.

Desperate Times & Measures

Prior to the shutdown decision regarding Alberta businesses, Bingo halls and casinos, the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission issued a statement regarding the unprecedented nature of the current global pandemic.

The statement details how the health of the province’s residents should remain the number 1 priority and that casinos are advised to make good use of the downtime by disinfecting and deep cleaning their venues. The idea is to not only protect the province’s players, but also its industries, of which the casino industry is a massive revenue generator.

The situation did at a stage turn quite volatile what with casinos and Bingos having remained open but with ramped-up hygiene policies and practices. Calgary Emergency Management Agency chief Tom Sampson however made it very clear that if casinos were not willing to close up shop voluntarily, then the city would have no other option but to shut them down forcefully on the strength of national and global social distancing recommendations.

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