Bingo Fan Aims To Visit 60 Halls Before Turning 60

By Ben Hamill - August 26 2021

Bingo Fan Aims To Visit 60 Halls Before Turning 60

Yvette Price-Mear is nearing her 60th birthday, but certainly isn’t using age as an excuse to not be active. Instead, she is using the incoming life milestone as a reason to raise funds for charity. She decided to embark on a sweeping tour of London, visiting as many Bingo halls as she possibly can.

At the moment her 3,500-mile journey is nearing the halfway mark, meaning that she still has a long way to go. But up until this point, she has already visited iconic locations such as Chester, Doncaster, Kent, Blackpool, Scarborough and Glasgow.

Additionally, she has also raised thousands for her cause, but is hopping to add a few more zeroes before the last stop.

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The Bingo Revival

Yvette can proudly say that her trip has thus far been an undeniable success. The main point of her trip was to raise money, and so far she has managed to raise an impressive amount. After attending 27 Bingo games, donations immediately started pouring in, totalling £3,992. Plus, the £349 she has won playing the game is also being added to the pile, demonstrating that the lady has a heart of pure gold.

She took some time off from her tour to share a few thoughts, giving some insights into what she has learned so far. Her first statement was that Bingo seems to be gaining popularity with the younger generation. She explained that she is seeing far younger players than ever before in the halls, adding that it is likely the change in atmosphere that is drawing in the youths. She pointed out that a change of music, plus the addition of quizzes and other entertainment now offered, seems to have finally changed the way that Bingo is perceived.

Every Journey Must End

Yvette started the journey in Glasgow on June 25th, then immediately set off to try and hit as many milestones as possible. Driven by her husband, who is also 59, it wasn’t long before she had covered some serious distance. Now, after having played at least 3 times a week since then, the end is in sight. She will play in Morden, Surrey, on the day of her 60th birthday, December 19th.

All cash raised will be going to the Carers Trust. The organization supports scouts’ groups, as well as providing pet bereavement support. It is a group that Yvette herself founded in 1993 and has been supporting every year since.