Six Nations Bingo Hall About To Go Green

By Ben Hamill - February 02 2021

Six Nations Bingo Hall About To Go Green

A Bingo hall belonging to the Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation is about to go green. The Government of Canada has announced its support of the facility’s goal to cut down on harmful emissions by making available from the country’s Low Carbon Economy Fund approximately CA$349,000 in funding.

The funds allocated from the national fund will be used to install a 214-kW solar project that will help the community Bingo hall reduce its reliance on the national electricity grid while at the same time cutting down considerably on its own levels of greenhouse-gas emissions. In doing so, the solar energy project will bring about positive changes and overall improvements to the green energy approach adopted by the community at Six Nations.

The funding will help the Six Nations community tackle the challenges of climate change while saving on energy costs associated with the day-to-day running of the local Bingo hall.

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Looking To A Greener Future

Announced on Friday by Pam Damoff, the MP for Oakville North-Burlington and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Indigenous Services, on behalf of Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Jonathan Wilkinson, along with CEO and President of Six Nations o the Grand River Development Corp., Matt Jamieson, the project and funding are part of a greater country-wide initiative that will help Canada achieve its green energy goals. The idea is to cut down considerably on energy waste, and instead, investing heavily in projects focused on renewable energy.

Indigenous communities are currently at the forefront of a green energy drive expected to help Canada exceed the expectations set by the Paris-Agreement target for the year 2030. And according to Damoff, bringing net-zero status to the Six Nations community’s Bingo hall is all about government partnering with local community leaders so as to ensure a greener and healthier future for all.

Community Bingo Plays Its Part

The Six Nations community is proud to be part of such an exciting project, said Six Nations Development Corp. CEO Matt Jamieson. By installing solar panels, the local community Bingo hall will be in a position to show its own commitment to the development of a cleaner energy infrastructure, he explained.

What’s more, continued Jamieson, since the solar energy project will rely on a 100% Six Nations internal workforce, the initiative will help create several local apprenticeship opportunities. Local community involvement will enable members of the Six Nations Indigenous community to improve their own lives from an economic point of view while at the same time making their own personal contributions to the environment.

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